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Sustainable green home builder in Taos



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Natural Features

Desert Mountain Community Properties

Consider your next home, or vacation home using green building design. Arroyo Park offers high desert mountain views with 30 acres of community open space in Taos, New Mexico. We’re a sustainable green home builder committed to utilizing renewable energy. Contact your Realtor to find out what may currently be available.

Open Space

Nestled in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, residents of Arroyo Park enjoy spectacular vistas, star filled skies, rolling hills, undulating arroyos, hiking trails, large rocks for bouldering, a seasonal stream, and a diverse wildlife. The 30 acres of open space, which will never be developed, are held in a conservation easement controlled by the Arroyo Park Owners Association. Arroyo Park abuts Taos Pueblo land that is also protected from development.

Archaeological Sites and Petroglyphs

There are three prehistoric & historic petrolglyph sites in the area. One site, previously recorded by the Taos Archaeological Society, is located on a basalt outcrop of cliffs on the west side of the Arroyo Seco and just outside the Arroyo Park project area. The others are on basalt cliffs and in basalt boulders at the base of the cliffs on the east and west sides of the Arroyo Seco within the Arroyo Park project area. Prehistoric petroglyphs appear of the northern Rio Grande style and include anthromorphic, zoomorphic, geometric, and linear motifs. Historic petroglyphs include letters and Hispanic names. Also the area consists of archaeological sites with prehistoric chipped stone artifact scatters. The predominance of core flakes may suggest that the sites are Anasazi in origin.

Click here to see detail of archeological site survey results.


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