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Archeology / Petroglyphs

In 1995, Consulting Archaeologist Jeffrey L. Boyer conducted an archeological survey for the proposed Arroyo Park Subdivision in Taos County. The project area consisted of 54 acres of private land located along the lower Arroyo Seco west of Taos. Of the project’s area, 29.8 acres were to be held in a conservation easement and not be developed. The archaeological survey was conducted at the request of Mr. Steve Kenin, partner of Arroyo Park Limited Liability Co., owner and developer of the property.

Seven isolated occurrences were also recorded during the survey.

Sustainable green home builder in Taos
Sustainable green home builder in Taos

The significance of the archaeological sites lies in the contrast between the Arroyo Park site and those found along the Arroyo Seco north of this project area. All of the Arroyo Park sites represent non-sedentary, non-habitation use of the project area...short-term prehistoric use of the area, probably for hunting and animal resource processing. The sites have the potential to provide information on short-term, non-sedentary, prehistoric land use in the region.

The petroglyphs will not be disturbed by planned development of the subdivision.

Paleoindian Period (ca. 10,000-6,000 B.C.) Only limited evidence for Paleoindian occupation of the Taos Plateau has been found.

Archaic Period (ca. 6,000 B.C. - A.D. 1,100) The time range spans the apparent development of broad-spectrum hunting and gathering and the introduction of domestic plants and agriculture in the Southwest. None of these sites appear to reflect the development of a sedentary lifestyle, however all are hunting/gathering sites.

Puebloan Period (ca. A.D. 1,100 - 1,500) Remains from Basketmaker and early Puebloan Periods are identified by isolated projectile points or projectile points on nonstructural structural/habitation sites have been chronometrically dated to the first 3/4 of the period (A.D. 600-1,100).

Historic Period (A.D. 1,500- present) The presence of historic Plains Indian groups in the area is recorded in early historic Spanish documents as well as in the archaeological record.

Recommendations Site LA 75754. No further work is recommended. Site LA 111362. Can be avoided and protected and no further work is recommended. Site LA 111363. The isolated occurrences need not be avoided during planned development activates.

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