Green built development with mountain views

   Arroyo Park Condominiums, Open Space Development, Taos, New Mexico   

Arroyo Park Condominiums, Open Space Development, Taos, New Mexico



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Custom Options

New Arroyo Park’s homes are state-of-the-art energy efficient with these options:

1. Solar Hot Water. The natural gas-powered hot water and radiant floor system can be solar powered with roof mounted solar water collectors. These can greatly reduce your gas consumption.

2. Solar Electricity. Roof-mounted photovoltaic collectors can supply most of your electric needs. Best of all, when you have excess electric capacity, solar-generated electricity will spin your electric meter backwards.

3. Kiva Fireplace. A traditional wood burning, corner kiva can be installed in the master bedroom to create a warm, cozy atmosphere when the snow flies.

4. The garage can be converted into a large family room with an adjoining laundry & storage pantry, or it could be a studio apartment.



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